Unchaped, Unthrottled and UNCONTENDED

What is Contention Ratio? See this informational video to make an informed decision:

Fibre Uncapped Packages

Uncontended, unshaped, unthrottled, dedicated 1:1 synchronis

Our Fibre links are a true business tool, with a SLA of 99.98% up-time.

The Fibre line is not shared between anyone and is dedicated to your business. power solution can be provided to guarantee up-time of up to 5 days.

this is the backbone to other services that can be provided like a fully hosted voice solution

  • 10 Mbps                          
  • 20 Mbps                          
  • 30 Mbps                          
  • 40 Mbps                         
  • 50 Mbps                          
  • 100 Mbps                        
  • 150 Mbps                        
  • 200 Mbps                       
  • 300 Mbps                        
  • 500 Mbps                        
  • 1 Gbps                             

* * Once Off Cost (On Request)

Wireless Uncapped Packages Home (1:10 Contention Ratio)

Installation Packages

Wireless Uncapped Packages Business (1:4 Contention Ratio)

* * Once Off Cost (On Request)


**Uncapped Voice Per Extension  – On Request

** Wireless handset                         – On Request

** Fixed handset                               – On Request

** Switchboard                                  – On Request

Custom installations available on request.

Full Proposal can be send on request above mentioned Prices is for your convenience

Any other IT related Solutions on request

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