Our ever expanding network coverage now covers Fibre and Wireless across Africa.

  • National fibre presence

  • Uncontended fibre

  • Up to 1Gbps per site internet capability

  • Aggregated Internet at Teraco

Power Backup Solutions

This system is a full integration, miniaturization, light-weight, intelligent centralized monitoring, battery maintenance and management, unattended, user-friendly standardization cabinet installation for energy saving and with environmental protection features. It is widely used in access network equipment, remote exchange communications, mobile communications equipment, transmission equipment, satellite earth stations, microwave communications equipment and Solar Power solutions as a backup power supply.



Merano Monitoring system 

  • Industry changing in respect of pricing, functionality and capability power monitoring solutions

  • Self-developed and maintained

  • Low cost

  • We own the IP on these solutions

  • Complete Power Management solution ranging from telecommunication systems to solar

  • 48 Volt International Standards Power Solutions

  • Self-developed rectifier driven power balancing

  • Battery charge management

  • Telecoms solar power backup solutions

  • Mobile generator sets

  • We own the IP on our Power management and monitoring solutions



  • Delivering remote systems management over LoRa with fibre, wireless backhaul, GSM, GPRS and RF reporting systems

  • Tracking systems

  • Mobile phone and website application

  • No requirement for internet or any 2G or 3G coverage

VOIP Solutions

  • Our own Voice server infrastructure
  • Uncapped Voice solutions @ R350 per line p/m (No limit on calls)
  • White-label mobile phone VOIP application
  • SME VOIP solutions
  • Fully Hosted PBX
  • 49 cents per minute (End user) (For businesses not interested in uncapped solutions)
  • True per second billing
  • VOIP over Hotspot


Added Services

  • Fibre Partner
  • VOIP Partner (Gateway)
  • FTTB (Fibre To The Business)
  • Internet bundle bulk partner pricing
  • Off-net, Fibre over wireless services in respect to last mile solutions
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) contracts
  • Webhosting
  • E-Mail hosting


We are able to deliver each and every type of IT service available within the Telecoms landscape throughout Africa.